Introducing The Popztee!

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Where do I get my Popztee?

Popztee is coming to a retailer near you this fall! If you can't wait, click here and Buy Now

Add Your Touch
Popztee can also be customized to match your party theme! Add some flowers, beads, or even a simple ribbon to spice up your Popztee and display cake pops.
Easy Clean-Up
Your Popztee cake pop stand is as easy to clean as a simple wipe with a damp cloth; however, for those messier spills, just POP your Popztee into your dishwasher!
How many?
The Popztee cake pop stand displays up to 19 of your favorite cake pop creations, keeping them perfectly separated to avoid damaging touching during parties or events. It also acts as an excellent cake pop holder while you decorate your cake pops.